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Our Services

We Provide One Of The Best HVAC Services

Ac Repair

When you think about getting your air conditioning repaired  trust the experts at Group 247 to take care of the issue. Not only are we the best and most experienced HVAC company, we offer competitive pricing when matched against our competitors. You can trust our technicians to explain the problem and solve the issue with no tricks or gimmicks. Our team of experienced AC professionals ensure accurate analysis, honest treatment, and knowledgeable recommendations.  Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a full inventory of genuine replacement parts, we pinpoint the source of the malfunction and target quick and cost-effective solutions, for all makes and models of air conditioners.

AC Tune-Up

Getting your cooling system maintained each year is similar to an annual check-up at the doctor’s office. Our HVAC contractors will thoroughly inspect every inch of your unit to ensure that it’s operating as efficiently as possible. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from regular air conditioning maintenance:

  • Extending the life of your AC unit
  • Improving its performance
  • Reducing your system’s noise levels
  • Decreasing your energy bills
  • Preventing costly repairs
  • Peace of mind in the safety and efficiency

AC Installation

Finding the right air conditioner for your home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Our contractors will not only find the right unit to fit your home’s needs but also your budget. This is why we are proud to offer our customers one of the largest selections of high quality air conditioning systems. In addition to the options we offer, one of our core beliefs is that no two homes are alike. This is just one of many reasons why we are pleased to offer an extensive selection of central air conditioners, eco-friendly and energy-efficient A/C units, as well as economy and value cooling systems.


Furnace Repair

Homeowners need to be vigilant of their furnaces to prevent further system damage due to prolonged repair needs. The following are just some of the signs that your furnace needs immediate repair from a skilled professional:

Expensive Heating Bill: If you experience a sudden, unexplained rise in heating expenses, your system could be suffering decreased efficiency.

Insufficient Heating: When you start to notice that the temperature in your home is never warm enough or that there are multiple cold spots throughout the house, it’s a sure sign that your furnace needs attention.

Loud Noises: Banging, clanking, and rattling sounds are never expected and usually signify that mechanical components have become loose within your system.

Poor Air Quality: Poor indoor air quality is usually due to a dirty furnace filter.

Pilot Light: Your furnace pilot light should burn blue; however, a yellow pilot light could mean that your system is leaking poisonous carbon monoxide gas.

Furnace Tune-Up

Keeping your older furnace or heating system in good shape is also the best way to prolong its lifetime and ensure you’re getting the greatest efficiency possible from it each year. Without a furnace tune-up every year, your older HVAC system will be much more likely to lose efficiency quickly and runs a higher risk of failure, particularly during high-use periods when the weather is coldest. Thus, furnace tune-ups by professional HVAC technicians protect the remaining lifespan of your heating system so you won’t have to worry about high heating costs, pending breakdowns, or heating system replacement in the near future. Especially if your furnace or heat pump has been performing well over the past few years, you may wonder whether it’s really necessary to schedule a heating tune-up before winter. Heating systems incur normal wear and tear as they function throughout the season. While this wear and tear may not cause a breakdown, it will cause a decrease in furnace efficiency over time, which leads to higher-than-necessary heating bills. The only way to ensure your energy bills remain consistently as low as possible is to schedule a furnace tune-up each year to check and clean your system. This reverses the effects of wear and tear, also correcting any efficiency losses associated with yearly use to restore your heating system to like-new condition and top-level performance.

Furnace Installation

There are a couple of signs that give a pretty good indication you need a new furnace. These can include:

  • Uneven heating in your home,
  • Strange noises coming from the furnace,
  • Visible signs of rust or cracking,
  • Need for frequent repairs.

Our team has been installing furnaces for decades, and we have managed to simplify the process into six easy steps:

  • Ensuring that a furnace is the best option
  • Selecting the optimal make and model
  • Discussing the efficiency rating with homeowners
  • Carefully measuring and calculating the appropriate size
  • Discussing your financing options
  • Performing a flawless furnace installation.

We offer convenient service windows with minimal interruption to your day-to-day. We background check all of our contractors for your peace of mind and are committed to getting the job done right the first time. We recommend using Carrier products. Carrier has long been noted for its wide range of sizes, innovative design styles, powerful output, and overall efficiency, meaning you are getting the most warmth for your home while still saving money.

Emergency Services

HVAC systems have a tendency to act in unpredictable ways at the worst possible times. And if your furnace or AC breaks down when the weather’s at its worst, it can literally be a life or death situation. That’s why we offer emergency HVAC repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to our emergency HVAC services help will be there before you know it. We make sure that our HVAC technicians are available when you need us the most. We’re always happy to help with emergency furnace repair or emergency air conditioning service when we’re needed. If you need emergency air conditioner repair or heating service, we’ll solve your problem any time, day or night. When we’re done, you can rest assured your HVAC system will work the way it was intended to when you need it most. We guarantee it!

Air Purifying

While we rely on our heating and cooling HVAC system to keep our home comfortable all year long, these systems do not clean the indoor air on their own. To help promote cleaner, healthier indoor air we can install a whole house purifier directly into your current HVAC system. This will remove unwanted pollutants, including: Germs, Viruses, Molds, Dust, Allergens. Adding an air purifier captures and destroys these pollutants before they ever reach you and your family, making for a healthier home. When you have UV Lights installed, the air gets purified as it passes through the chamber that houses the UV light bulbs. Our filter systems are designed to effectively remove: 99.9% of airborne particles like dust, bacteria, mites, pollen, and pet dander, 90% of germs like bacteria and viruses, 50% of odors from chemicals, pets, cooking appliances, and cleaning products.

Air Duct Cleaning

You work hard to keep your home clean and healthy for your family, but there may be harmful contaminants lurking in the places you can’t see. Over time, allergens such as dust, pet dander and mold can collect and build up inside your air duct system. When this happens, your indoor air can become polluted and unhealthy despite your best efforts. This is where our professionals come in. Using precise and powerful equipment, we can remove dust, dirt, debris, and the irritants which can cause illness or allergies. Once your air ducts have been cleaned professionally, your indoor environment will be clean, fresh, and healthy. We take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously, and it reflects in our work. We are a firm that believes in offering quality HVAC cleaning services.

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